Zoom Session

Zoom Session

These steps will walk you through the options in your Zoom Session.

1. This will be the menu that you will see when you log into a session


2. To be able to talk to your students or mute your mic as well as turn on/off your camera look to the lower left of the menu on the bottom.

3. The "Security" icon shown to be on the right of the video icon allows for you to lock the meeting, enable waiting room, as well as what your students are allowed to do such as share screens and type in chat.

4. The "Participants" icon to the right of the "Security" icon shows who is in the Zoom session

5. The "Chat" icon to the right of the "Participants" icon will display the chat in the Zoom session

6. The "Share Screen" icon to the right of the "Chat" icon allows for the instructor to share the screen with there students.

* if you click on the up arror in the "Share Screen" you will get a menu that will give you the options of: one participant can share at a time(meaning only one person can share there screen at a time), or you can check the option for Multiple participants can share simultaneously (meaning that multiple people can share there screen at the same time).

** If you select the "Advanced Sharing Options you will see this menu. This menu will allow you to chose how many participants can share at the same time, as well as Who can share. The Who can share option allows for participants to share there screen.

7. The "Record" icon is to the right of the "Share Screen" icon. The "Record" icon allows you to record a session, the two ways to record a session is to record the session to your computer so it will appear in your videos folder or in your downloads folder. The other option is to record the session and save it to cloud. (Please make sure to end the recording before leaving the session)

8. The "Breakout Rooms" icon is to the right of the "Record" icon. The breakout room allows you to create small groups on students for mini projects or discussions inside the session.

9. The final icon is the icon to leave the session called "End". As the instructor when you click on the end you will have two options for how you would like to end the session. The first option is to end the meeting for all in the session, the other is to just leave the meeting.