The Center will be closed on major holidays, Fall in-service days and one week between Christmas Day and New Years Day.

August 18 - Center Closed for College In-Service for Teachers
August 19th and 20th - Center Closed for Teacher's Training
August 23rd - First Day School
September 6th - Center Closed for Labor Day
October 1st - Fall Family Event
October 11th - Center Closed for Columbus Day
November 11th - Center Closed for Veteran's Day
November 15th - 19th - Parent Teacher Conference
November 25th and 26th - Center Closed for Thanksgiving
November 29th to December 3rd - Book Fair
December 24th - December 31st - Center Closed for Holiday Break
January 3rd - First Day of School
January 17th - Center Closed for Martin Luther King's Day
February 21st - Center Closed for President's Day
March 7th - 11th - Parent Teacher Conference
April 4th - 8th - Book Fair
April 8th - Spring Family Event
April 15th - Center Closed for Good Friday
May 7th - Spring Program
May 30th - Center Closed for Memorial Day
June 20th - Center Closed for Juneteenth Holiday
July 4th - Center Closed for Fourth of July

*Dates are subject to change.

The Center will be closed in August on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before classes start for the fall semester due to In-Service.

Holidays occurring on a Sunday will be observed the following Monday. Holidays occurring on Saturday will be observed the preceding Friday.

Parents of children attending full-time year round will be given one (1) week free vacation (one week, Monday through Friday of same week). This means that the parent will not be responsible for a holding fee for the week their child(ren) are absent. This should be prearranged with the Coordinator.